Sheila Burroughs

Sheila spent the first 26 years of her career at Bank of America as a leader in various functions across the company. As her career progressed, she discovered a love for coaching and leading with caring. Her Halftime Roundtable experience in 2016 led her to a new chapter as a leadership coach.  She founded Enlightened Workplace, specializing in helping businesses bring God’s love into their workplaces.

Sheila is also a spiritual director, which focuses on a person’s experience of God, helping them explore how God is present and working in their daily life. Her present position allows her the freedom to combine coaching for business leadership with nourishing a leader’s spirituality.

Sheila and Richard have been married for nearly 30 years and have two amazing grown daughters. Sheila’s favorite pastimes are reading, eating chocolate, and taking quiet pauses to listen.