First Half Success
When all you’ve done or own seems to matter less …
and your heart craves more meaning, joy and balance…
Second Half Significance

when something triggers in your mind that you’re entering your second half of life
Second Half Significance
and you’re unsure what your calling is for the next season…

Halftime Carolinas is comprised of a team of individuals who are dedicated to helping you understand yourself better, hear from God more clearly and find ways to plug into the “good works God has planned in advance for you.” (Ephesians 2:10)

Many people across North and South Carolina are reaching midlife having achieved some measure of success and wonder what will give their second half more joy, impact and balance. Often they have no idea what they should be doing or how to begin to explore it.

This season of life is often called Halftime; a pause at midlife to reflect back and take stock, to look forward and dream and chart a new course toward something you feel is significant. It is a time when, despite and often following success, frustration and emptiness motivate people to start asking the hard questions and seek more life purpose. It is birthed out of the desire to leave a legacy and to make a difference.



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