Bill Jefferis

Bill Jefferis spent his career in the investment business as an analyst and portfolio manager for the investment management arm of various New England insurance companies.  Most of the time he focused on companies in the high yield bond space.  Bill finished his career as head of public corporate credit research and a member of the Executive Committee at Babson Capital Management, a subsidiary of MassMutual.

God led Bill to retire in 2008 to spend the second half of my career serving Him in new ways.  Beginning in 2012 his business partner and Bill built a ready-mix concrete business in Connecticut and New York, acquiring and turning around 3 companies. They have brought kingdom principles and best practices to these companies, significantly improving market share and profitability.

For the past 12 years Bill has served as Chairman of the Board of T-Net International, a ministry that equips pastors throughout the world to transform their churches into multiplying, disciple-making churches.  He is also personally involved in leading a training center in Africa.  T-Net has grown significantly over this period and now has over 10,000 students in over 30 countries.

He received his undergraduate degree from Duke and his MBA from Harvard.

Bill is currently involved with a non-profit called DotLife. A couple of the focus areas for DotLife include:

  • Develop trusting relationships with Christian leaders throughout the United States, as well as in selective African nations, as the Lord leads.
  • DotLife helps leaders make new connections and utilize them in a way that significantly furthers their calling and the callings of others.
  • Personal leadership development – create a personalized discipleship pathway for each leader.

As a member of the Halftime Carolinas team, Bill serves in the Connecting role,  working with our current Roundtable members to connect them with ministries and Halftime Alumni in the member’s area of mission/passions.  In addition, he will utilize strategic partnerships to connect our alumni with opportunities to fulfill their second half mission.