Bill Edmonds

Bill is the writer of The Weekly Winning Thought

I grew up the son of a Southern Baptist minister and married a deacon’s kid.  I met Becky at one of the churches my dad pastored.  Starting dating her when graduated from college (Univ of SC; major in Sociology with a minor in Business Management) in 1982, and we married in November 1984.

First job out of college was helping people who had been in prison get jobs – worked for a non-profit correctional services organization.  I started working part-time in financial services selling insurance and mutual funds about the same and parlayed that into a full-time career as a self-employed financial services advisor in 1986.  I did that until going to work as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch in 1991, at the age of 31.  I was living in Anderson, where I had been for 7 years since we married, and working in Greenville.  I got the opportunity to open an office in Anderson in 1995 and get my first shot at management.  I was promoted to manager of the Greenville office 5 years later, then as the associate director of the Tri-South region (Atlanta), before being promoted to director of the Columbia Complex in 2008.  I retired in November of this past year to earnestly pursue my second half – building an executive coaching and consulting firm (just made this decision in the last 2 weeks).

Hobbies include playing guitar in an “oldies” (1950’s & 60’s music…and a little 70’s) band called Those Guys ( that is based in Anderson.  I enjoy writing.  I write a weekly blog for an organization called Real Champions ( writing about 9 years now.  I hope to someday put this together into a book and would like to write other books.   We have a power boat that we keep on Lake Murray for summer boating.  I have started and lead several small group studies over the years, primarily men’s groups.  I’ve also taught Sunday School off and on for about 25 years.  I was the director of men’s ministry (lay position) for time at Brookwood Church in Greenville.   I enjoy reading.  Favorite writers: Philip Yancey, John Eldridge, Donald Miller.  3 books (other than the Bible) that have impacted me the most are: Halftime (Buford), Man in the Mirror (Morley), Wild at Heart (Eldridge).